University Awards & Honors

Eric Kaler, President, University of Minnesota"The University of Minnesota has a long tradition of granting awards and honors to faculty, staff, and students who exemplify excellence in teaching, research, and service. The University celebrates the accomplishments of alumni and others who exemplify the best of scholarly and public life. We all benefit from the important contributions these citizens make to the University and to the people of Minnesota, as well as to the broader community, and by publicly recognizing their achievements we demonstrate our commitment to excellence and service. Recognizing members of the wider University community with awards and honors compliments the recipients and adds vitality to the institution." -Eric W. Kaler, President, University of Minnesota


About this site

The University Awards and Honors website is managed by the University Awards and Honors Program. This site provides links to information on University-wide awards and national and international awards, including how to prepare and submit nominations.


For questions about this site, contact the University Awards and Honors Program at or 612-301-1676. For questions about a specific award, please use the contact information provided for that award.